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20 March 2019Passionate Potters - from De Morgan to Leach
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15 May 2019Three great families and their gardens - the Astors, Rothschilds and Sackville Wests
19 June 2019Indians, buffalo and storms - the American West in the 19th Century
18 September 2019The Centenary of the Bauhaus movement
16 October 2019The history of the harp

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Passionate Potters - from De Morgan to Leach Julian Richards Wednesday 20 March 2019

From the mid 19th C onwards there was a revolution in the arts against the soul-less products of the machine age.  This revolution produced the highly creative work of the 'passionate potters'. Between them, William De Morgan, the Martin Brothers, Sir Edmond Elton, and Bernard Leach drew inspiration from mediaeval English, near-and far-eastern and pre-Columban forms and glazes to produce work that still influences the passionate potters of today.