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16 January 2019Undressing Antiques
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20 March 2019Passionate Potters - from De Morgan to Leach
17 April 2019She died too soon - a study of Joan Eardly
15 May 2019Three great families and their gardens - the Astors, Rothschilds and Sackville Wests
19 June 2019Indians, buffalo and storms - the American West in the 19th Century
18 September 2019The Centenary of the Bauhaus movement
16 October 2019The history of the harp

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Undressing Antiques Mark Hill Wednesday 16 January 2019

Mark Hill will be familiar to many because of his appearances on The Antiques Roadshow. His talk is a persuasive introduction to buying antiques and integrating and using them in today's homes. The state of the antiques market and the different meanings of the word value are considered; and we take a look at what and why current and future generations of collectors are buying and how they are displaying it.